Need guidance on a particular issue? Or want to have an idea of how your choices may affect your future? Then why don’t you give my card therapy a go? I read with 3 different card systems, so depending on what you need assistance with will often decide the card system most appropriate to use to answer your query. Sometimes 2 different systems can be used for one reading.

What are Tarot Cards and how can they help me?

There are 78 cards in a Tarot Card deck; 22 major arcana and then 56 minor cards, split into 4 different suits: swords, cups, rods and pentacles.

Many people associate Tarot with telling the future and making predictions. But there is more to it than this. It’s more about tapping into your inner wisdom and your subconscious. Tarot cards can help give guidance on where your situation currently is with a particular matter and where you may be able to go forward with it if you continue on that particular path; it can also advise on how you can change the outcome if you alter your planned route or way of thinking. People often find it can help bring peace to a conflicted mind or guide them with making important decisions. Whatever the question, there is always guidance available through the cards and the opportunity to make a positive change to help you achieve your goals and dreams. Tarot has a spiritual approach to the guidance and messages given.

Tarot Celtic Cross Spread

What is Lenormand and how can they help me?

There are 36 cards in a Lenormand deck. Lenormand cards are read in pairs, rather than as individual cards (which is done with Tarot cards). These cards can be very direct and exacting in their guidance and are often very accurate. This card reading method is particular good if you have a very specific issue you want to delve into, whereas Tarot is often used for broader readings and subjects. I often use both Tarot and Lenormand when doing readings if the querent wishes to get a general reading with the Tarot and then dig further into a particular area with Lenormand. Lenormand has gives more direct information on how to fix your life and/or specific problems.

Lenormand 5-card Spread

What are Oracle Cards and how can they help me?

Oracle Cards are non-traditional card decks and are different to Tarot and Lenormand; the number of cards vary deck to deck and serve general or specific purposes. The card spreads used are the same as those used for Tarot.

An Oracle card can also be selected to get an overall final message for a Tarot and also a Lenormand reading, giving an overall message or theme to help tie everything together. If this is called for, I do not charge extra for selecting this one card to finalise the reading.

Oracle 4-card Spread

How are readings conducted?


I can do a reading for you in person, via Skype / Zoom or via email. I am also available for events and parties – please contact me for further information and pricing for this particular option.

Unsure about which type of reading you want?

If you are uncertain on which method of card reading is best for your queries, do contact me and we can discuss this in advance of booking a session to see what will work best for what you want to enquire about with the cards.

**At present, all readings are via email, WhatsApp Messenger or Facebook Messenger**

Tarot and Oracle Card Reading Pricing:

$5 for a 1 card pull (the perfect option when you need some quick guidance).

$10 for a 4 card spread to answer one question; $20 for 3 questions.

$25 for a 10 card spread (useful for looking at one particular subject/area that you want to dig into).

Lenormand Card Reading Pricing:

$5 for a 3 card spread for 1 question (ideal for yes/no questions).

$10 for a 5 card spread to answer one question; $20 for 3 questions.

$25 for a detailed and in-depth 9 card spread for one question.

I can also tailor-make a package if you have more than one thing you want to cover or wish to use more than one method of card reading. Using Covid-19 biosecurity protocols where necessary, I can also do readings for events, parties, special occasions, etc – contact me to find out more.

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