What is Kaula Tantra Yoga?

Kaula Tantra Yoga is a deeply meditative practice combining standing poses and floor-based postures that increase strength, flexibility and overall health. The focus is on relaxing the body into the postures, allowing the body to soften and enjoy the longer holds of the poses. The Kaula Tantra Yoga series helps balance and activate every area of one’s life, through balancing the chakras and energies.

The practice of Kaula Tantra Yoga does not involve nudity or sexual contact and no partner is required. It is suitable for all ages and for those new to yoga as well as experienced.

Kaula Tantra Yoga allows students to push themselves to where they feel just outside their comfort zone, without the need to have their asanas (poses) be ‘perfect and correct’. As a teacher of this yoga, I do not correct student asanas unless they are doing something that will cause themselves injury.

Even the teachers of Kaula Tantra Yoga don’t do the asanas ‘perfectly’ because perfection is a judgment; in this form of yoga, imperfection is accepted as being beautiful and thus Tantra sees all life’s experiences as being perfect.

Kaula Tantra Yoga gives the student to have the conscious freedom to push their body, connect with themselves on a deeper level, observing without judgment and being fully present, in the moment.

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Meditation; being present, in the moment

How is the class structured?

The Kaula Tantra Yoga series is broken into three sections:

  1. Heating (the warming up of the body with various poses (known as asanas)
  2. Tri-Dosha balancing Savansana in which all asanas originate from the lying down pose of Savansana and return back to it once the hold is released;
  3. Makrasana in which the asanas are held for a shorter time.

The heating section varies practice-to-practice while the Tri-Dosha and Makrasana sequences are always in the same order. To do the sequence in full takes around 2.5 – 3 hours. Therefore, I offer shorter classes of 1.5 hours which has all the key asanas and gives the body the workout and relaxation that is required, allowing those short on time to still get the benefits of the practice. I also do classes that have the full sequence so please ask me about rates for this. I am available for both 1:1 and group classes. At the moment classes are only available online, however, should you wish to have 1:1 classes in person, please do contact me as this is possible once the state of emergency lifts in Ecuador.

Please do contact me for more information and with any questions you may have.


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